Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exploring Puerto Princessa, Palawan : Dining Experiences

In my whole Puerto Princessa series, I didn't talk about food. Ok, scrap that! I did talk about food, but I said I was always too hungry to even bother taking pictures. I lied! I did take some pictures, and I was saving them for the last part, because, you know, as they say, save the best for last.

And you know what they also say. Talk is cheap. So I won't even bother narrating. I will let the pictures speak for itself.

crocodile sisig

chao long (a Vietnamese rice noodle)

frappe @ Itoy's Cafe

deep fried isaw with tomatoes, cucumber and onion dip

french bread

sizzling squid and lechon kawali

And my favorite part...
They don't accept walk-ins!

and you have to be barefoot when you get in

appetizer...mangga with bagoong

very nice ambience


hungry, aren't we?

mized fruits for dessert

their restroom

hubby sneaked in to take a photo of the urinal

wall decors

And that concludes our whole Puerto Princess experience!

Exploring Puerto Princessa, Palawan: Ugong Rock Adventure

We were fortunate enough to have joined a group in this travel who rented out a van to go to Sabang, Puerto Princessa, and who also had he intention of stopping by Ugong Rock for caving, rock climbing and zip lining after we're done with the Underground River Tour.

Ugong Rock is a huge rock sitting atop plain lands. It got it's name "ugong"which means "deep sound", and it produces that kind of sound when you knock on its walls. It's actually a huge, hollow rock, and when you get inside, it would feel like you are in a cave.

We paid PhP500 each to explore the "cave", climb up from inside and  zipline going down. The fee includes the guides, and the rental of the hard hat, harness and gloves. You also have the option not to zip line, and pay only PhP200, but you would have to rappel going down.

 After the orientation, we were asked to put on our gears and followed the guide.

We had to work our way up and sometimes had to use ropes and ladder as some paths were so steep.

Other times, we had to crawl as the opening was so low.

 And most of the times, we had to wriggle our way through...

And grit our teeth as we come out...

But it was all worth it in the end, especially when you see this view...

So I had to stop and take a photo...

Before we zip lined downwards...

And that was how we ended our Puerto Princessa adventure on a high note. Literally!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploring Puerto Princessa, Palawan: Underground River Tour

What's a trip to Puerto Princessa, Palawan without a visit to the world-renowned Underground River? At the time of  our visit, it's still a candidate to be one of the 7 Nature Wonders of the World. As of this time, it's been hailed as one.

We managed to find a group who has rented a private van going to Sabang. We met them through PEX. The van rental was PhP3,500 round trip and we split the cost among 8 people.

The drive from city to Sabang was 2 hours, and we had a stop-over half way to answer the call of nature and to buy whatever stuff we needed. more hour to go!

little souvenir shop

And then we had another a stop, which according to our van driver is also a usual tourist destination when going to Sabang. Oh, well! We got off the van and took pictures anyway.

another stop

love the view!

After taking several shots, the group decided to moved to our destination. We were all very excited! This is the view that greeted us when we got to Sabang.

Sabang Beach
mountains meeting the sea
And since I didn't get a change to do my signature pose during our Honda Bay Tour, I did it here. Taddaaa!

signature pose
It's a very laid-back beach, very provincial, we even saw this...

wow, can't believe this still exists
A few more minutes of waiting, and then we were told by the driver that our lunch is ready. (Again, we forgot to take pictures of the food!)

this where we had our lunch buffet for only PhP200
After lunch, the driver told us to get back in the van, where we proceeded to the port where we will hire a motorized boat towards the Subterranean Park.

information map
And then we boarded the motorized banca...

And then we held our breath...

 After 15 minutes, we are now by the entrance where we registered and gave our permit.

going to the cave
the map
here we go!
entrance to the cave
photo op while waiting for our turn

some more!
opposite view of the entrance
And then these are some of the formations in the cave...

jelly fish


can you see the face of Jesus?

this is where the boat docks while waiting, just opposite to the entrance of the park.

 And there it goes, one item off my bucket list. =)